Handmade bridal crowns and other jewelry

Kerstin in her bridal crown
Kerstin Kallin, Stockholm
I designed my first bridal crown back in 2006 for my own wedding. It was a delicate crown in our theme colors copper and lime green for me and a smaller crown for our flower girl. I had merely begun before I was caught. It was so much fun! Since then I have designed not only bridal crowns, but also tiaras, diadems and circlets.

Look here for some pictures of brides wearing my jewelry.

My models

I sometimes create new models completely by my own head, but I also make bridal crowns and other jewelry according to your wishes! Many new designs has emerged in cooperation with brides to be. Often the bride has an idea of how she wants her piece of jewelry to look like, and it is truly a fun challenge for me to develop and realize that idea.

Materials and technique

Most of the time I use base metals and glass pearls, but I can also use sterling silver thread and fresh water pearls. The soft and easily shaped aluminum thread is a favorite, but I am getting more and more interested in silver. The bridal crowns you see in the gallery can also be made in other colors in both metal and pearls.

The technique I use is usually wire crafts, but sometimes I solder when I work with silver.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any further questions!

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